Richard Brandão

UNTITLED - Original Artwork (2019)

47,2x47,2x1,6 in ~ Pintura, Pintura digital

Comprar o original : R$ 45.000,00 + Entrega

This is a unique work!

Through this technique of digital painting, I experience a unique form of perception. In my work, I show how life consists of a series of isolated moments.

The roots of this "fragmented" sensory perception go back to my childhood. Frequently moved as a child, I became easily acquainted with the new environment, absorbing unique peculiarities to the countless people, routines and places I passed.

The experience with this concept of fragmentation can be visualized in the individual elements of my work. Looking closely at the pieces, we see intriguing, colorful spots that resemble abstract work. With each step back, however, the faces of the famous pop icons crystallize. In this way, it is a playful examination of how the unfamiliar becomes familiar, a transformation only possible from a certain distance.

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